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Observe 24-hour ‘Dandakaranya Bandh’ on April 8, 2013


In protest of the brutal killing of ten comrades by TPC-Police-CRPF combine in Chhatra district, Jharkhand, And in protest of indiscriminate firing and killing of five comrades in Gadchiroli district, Maharastra by C-60 commandos!

Defeat the fascist policies of exploitative governments who are encouraging and sponsoring counter-revolutionary gangs and organizing attacks on masses and revolutionaries!

In the midnight of March 27-28, goons of Triteeya Prastuti Committee (TPC), police and CRPF-CoBRA commandos have carried out a grave massacre in the forests of Lakarbandha in Kunda police station area of Chhatra district, Jharkhand. Bloodthirsty K. Vijay Kumar, ex-boss of the CRPF and now advisor to the governor of Jharkhand, in connivance with the Sonia-Manmohan-Shinde-Chidambaram-Jairam Ramesh fascist ruling clique had plotted for this gruesome mass killing. This massacre was a part of the wider conspiracy aimed at wiping out CPI (Maoist) and the revolutionary movement led by it. TPC, Jharkhand police and CoBRA forces in their hundreds encircled the place where PLGA soldiers were staying through a planned covert operation and launched brutal attack on them. In this midnight-attack three comrades laid down their lives while retaliating and others were caught alive. Their weapons were robbed off. In the morning the killing machines of TPC, police and CRPF selectively killed seven other comrades in cold blood. They were subjected to inhuman torture before being shot. Apart from this, at least 25 other comrades were abducted.

Comrade Lalesh Yadav @ Prashant (member of Bihar-Jharkhand-North Chhattisgarh special area committee, Madhya zonal committee in-charge – Bihar region), Comrade Dharmendra Yadav (sub-zonal committee member), Comrade Prafful (sub-zonal committee member), Comrade Jaykumar Yadav (platoon commander), Comrade Bhola @ Ajay Yadav, Comrade Albert @ Bijay, Comrade Pramod and others were among the killed. Dandakaranya special zonal committee solemnly pays red homage to these great warriors and beloved sons of the oppressed masses. It rededicates itself to fulfill the cherished dreams of the martyred heroes. We convey heartfelt sorrow and condolences to the grief-stricken family members, friends and comrades of the martyrs and to the entire oppressed masses of Bihar, Jharkhand and North Chhattisgarh.

The oppressive ruling classes and their servile police officers have been trying to hide the blood stains over their hands by depicting this mass murder as an outcome of the internal fight between TPC and CPI (Maoist). The media which is run and patronized by corporate houses have unleashed a vicious propaganda campaign against the revolutionary movement with concocted lies in the wake of these killings. While one of the media reports has invented that TPC was an organization which had been separated from CPI (Maoist) due to feuds arisen over the distribution of levy amounts, another has commented that it was broken away from the same on ideological grounds. Some other newspapers have written that the caste war, i.e. the feud between adivasis and other castes was the reason for these clashes. Another ‘reputed’ newspaper, hackling the demand for an impartial enquiry into this incident sought by some democratic organization, has written that ‘out-laws’ were seeking the law. This shows how the media which boast itself as the fourth estate of democracy not even tolerating the very fundamentals of democracy. Dandakaranya special zonal committee, CPI (Maoist) calls upon entire masses of our country to throw all this rubbish propaganda into dustbin which is the part of the psy-war carried by the ruling classes.

It’s the oppressive governments who created and nurtured various armed vigilante gangs; and the goons, lumpens and the degenerated elements from our movement due various reasons were mobilized into these gangs so as to contain the rising flames of the decades-long revolutionary movement in Bihar-Jharkhand. The armed gangs like TPC, PLFI, and Nagarik Suraksha Samiti were in fact created and run by police and paramilitary forces. These fascist mobs day in, day out do commit crimes like loot, robbery, extortion, rape and murder. The formation of various types of black gangs in Andhra Pradesh, Salwa Judum in Chhattisgarh, Harmed Bahini and Bhairav Bahini in Bengal, Shanti Sangho in Odisha et al. is also part of the same fascist policies being adapted by the governments.

In another incident, according to media reports, five Maoists including two women were killed in an alleged encounter on April 4 in Bhamragarh area of Gadchiroli district, Maharastra on the border adjoining Chhattisgarh. Police claims that the death toll may rise. According to them, this incident took place when over a hundred Maoists were conducting a secret meeting and in the two-hour-long fierce battle that ensued nobody was even injured on their side! It’s a white lie that a hundred plus Maoists were engaged in a meeting. The fact is that a team of our local comrades was conducting a meeting with village people to discuss their problems as part of everyday activity. Having got a tip-of from their informants hundreds of commando forces have encircled that place from three flanks and resorted to indiscriminate firing. Shocked by this sudden attack people ran away helter-skelter in panic. Not sparing even unarmed villagers, bullets were sprayed off by the licensed killers, i.e. C-60 commandos. In this unilateral attack a few villagers were also got killed along with our PLGA comrades. Several others wounded. It’s noteworthy that the Gadchiroli police have recently launched a bankrupt campaign called ‘Operation Navjeevan’. In this campaign, in an attempt to pressurizing our comrades contributing in the revolutionary movement for surrender police are coercing their families in various methods. Yesterday’s massacre was also an integral part of this campaign. Police are pretty delighted claiming this as their successive second big victory this year. DIG Raveendra Kadam, SP Mohd Suvez Haque and SDPO Bharat Thakur were responsible for these cruel killings. Their dream of wiping out the revolutionary movement through murders and terror will eventually be proved as a daydream.

It’s known to all that the Indian ruling classes hand in glove with the US imperialists have been carrying out a massive multi-pronged offensive in the name of Operation Green Hunt since mid-2009. As a part of this, nearly a hundred thousand paramilitary troopers along with tens of thousands of police forces have been deployed in those parts of the country where the revolutionary movement has been advancing. It’s in fact ‘war on people’ aimed at suppressing all the democratic and revolutionary movements and giving free hand to big and foreign corporate companies for plundering away all the natural resources from these areas. The ruling classes have burrowed the LIC (low-intensity conflict) strategy from their imperialist masters so as to achieve this goal. As part of this ghastly policy, they have been creating and nourishing the counter-revolutionary bands like TPC and provoking them against us. Massacres are being perpetrated by police, paramilitary and armed commando forces on regular basis. We warn that the people will definitely defeat these evil designs and these gangs and their masters will have to pay the price for all their crimes.

Dandakaranya special zonal committee of CPI (Maoist) calls upon the workers, peasants, students, intellectuals, writers, journalists, editors, teachers, lawyers – the entire pro-people and patriotic persons to condemn this grim massacre carried out by TPC-Police-CoBRA in Jharkhand; to throw out the venomous propaganda unleashed by the media in the wake of this incident; and to demand safe release of our comrades who were abducted during this attack. We also appeal to you to condemn the brutal killing of five comrades in Bhamragarh area of Gadchiroli. We humbly request to all to stand resolutely alongside the revolutionary movement going on in various parts of our beloved country including Bihar-Jharkhand and Dandakaranya to achieve the right for the people over their jal-jungle-jameen, to put an end to the plunder of invaluable natural wealth of our country and to build a New Democratic society free from exploitation and oppression of all kinds.

A 24-hour bandh will be observed on April 8 in protest of these brutal killings. Protests, resistance actions and mass mobilization will take place on that occasion. (However, examinations of students and emergency services like health will be exempted from this bandh.) We appeal the people of Dandakaranya to make this a big success.

(Gudsa Usendi)


Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee

CPI (Maoist)